Allison Harvard

Chi Chi LaRue’s—West Hollywood

just a quick update!

 i was out with some friends in West Hollywood celebrating my good friend’s first visit to West Hollywood since turning 21 and while passing Chi Chi LaRue’s he asked if we could go in.

as we were walking in there was a group of some very handsome guys and this blonde beauty who ended up being Allison Harvard. Immediately my heart started beating five thousand beats a second and thanks to the drinks i had prior, i flat out said “OMG i see you on tumblr ALL the time!” Embarrassing, i know LOL but it’s what came out. 

she was the sweetest, most adorable person i’ve ever met and was nice enough to chat with us and take some photos. definitely loved meeting her!

Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards - Extra TV filming

The Grove, Los Angeles—May 2, 2012

Photos taken by Corey Sean Cash

I recently went to The Grove for Kathy Hilton’s filming for Extra TV. She was joined by her sisters Kyle & Kim Richards as well as her daughter Paris Hilton showcasing her line of dresses better known as The Kathy Hilton Collection.

Each lady was so vibrant and beautiful in their own way that with each entrance, people literally stopped and stared. Paris is exactly how she is in photos, but to my surprise she was extremely shy even shaking her head no in response to Maria asking if she’d ever do Dancing with the Stars

I took this photos throughout the filming and even while they were entering the restaurant close by but didn’t stay for their departure. EIther way it was a cool experience to finally see a very public figure that has been in the tabloids so many times.


Lauren Conrad— The Fame Game  booksigning

The Grove, Los Angeles— April 24, 2012

Last night, I went to the book signing for Lauren Conrad’s The Fame Game. I went with my brother’s girlfriend which was a nice time for us to bond and hang out. Usually with book signings, I try to go as early as possible because nothing’s worse than being in line for 2 hours only to hear a Barnes & Noble employee say “We may not be able to get through the whole line” . 

I got there pretty early  in the morning to get my wristband, surprised to see that there wasn’t a line wrapped around the Banana Republic as usual for any book signing. Got there at around 4:30pm for the 6pm event and looked around noticing that there wasn’t that much of a crowd, knowing that these were probably some die-hard L.C. fans. 

Lauren came out pretty early, did her little interviews, posed for the media and went on with the book signing. One girl gave her a friendship bracelet which seems to be a favorite gift Lauren likes to receive from the fans, which then lead to the girl crying her eyes out. Drew, my brother’s girlfriend, was so cute. I knew she didn’t really know how to react so she was very quiet; when it was her time to go to meet Lauren, she was so quiet & cute, and me i was like HEY LAUREN!!! 

We talked for a little bit, and to be honest, as a fan of Laguna Beach & The Hills, i have this stalker way of interacting with her that i feel as if i know her so i was like “yeah girl, what was up with Charlie?”. 

Anyways, the girl is stunning in person, her fashion is always on point and she is the most down to earth girl in Hollywood with a very successful brand. 

all photos taken by Corey Sean Cash (ME, duh! hi)